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Estepona is becoming increasingly well known as an all round holiday resort, particularly appealing for golfers during the winter months.  However, it is not so well known as an all round family resort.

In recent years, there have been dramatic changes to Estepona, much of the work has been increasing the family friendly element of the town.   As most of you will know, Estepona has an extremely outdoor friendly climate, perfect for the kids to play on the beach or enjoy all the numerous playgrounds around Estepona.

If you fancy a break from playing in the sand, the town´s feria ground (or the fairground when it comes to town twice a year, June and July) has been transformed.  This area is now huge, and consists of permanent running tracks, tennis courts, football and basketball pitches and a skate park.  It is free to visit, all you have to do is take your own equipment along, and there is even a café there for parents to enjoy a coffee and tapas whilst the kids play.

Aside from the beach, playgrounds and amazing sporting facilities, the neighbouring area has a lot to offer too.  San Pedro now has a completely reformed boulevard, boasting a great selection of restaurants and bars, and a long playground with something for kids of all ages, topped off with an ice rink, crazy golf and a skate park.

Just outside Estepona, there is Selwo wildlife park, a huge area where you can see hippos, zebras, elephants and most of the rest of the animal kingdom.  Selwo is great for kids and grown-ups alike, and perfect in the winter months, when the weather is cooler.

There are other great activities available, play centres like Costa Jump (giant trampoline park) is based in San Pedro and in Estepona, Superjump, located at the top of the Estepona Poligono.

However, the best part of bringing to children to Spain, at any time of the year, is that you go out to dinner or lunch, in any restaurant at any time of the day, and kids will be welcomed with open arms.  The Spanish absolutely love children, and embrace them, so feel free to ditch the baby sitter and take your kids with you, and they too can enjoy all the amazing Spanish food that is on offer.