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Over the last years, Estepona has developed into one of the most sought after areas of the Costa del Sol, it holds close its Spanish feel, and is simply one of the prettiest towns on the coast.  The ´Garden of the Costa del Sol´ initiative has transformed the town, around every corner is a new park or floral arrangement, palm trees line the main roads and the little old town streets have plant pots in different colours.  The result has been simple and stunning, and has only made it more desirable.

Estepona is still an excellent place to buy, there is no denying that property prices have increased.  However, it is very unlikely they will crash as investors will view Estepona as an excellent place to purchase and sit on properties, at the present moment there is a massive shortage of properties to purchase as owners just love Estepona and do not want to sell, hopefully this will change over time.

The other reason why Estepona is a great opportunity is because Estepona is a lively, twelve month round vibrant town, and in the last five years has had a real shortage of long term rental accommodation.  The shortage stemmed from Estepona been so popular as a tourist resort, and everyone choosing to rent out on a short term basis, which left long term renters out in the cold.  Now we are seeing a change back, people are offering long term rentals, however the demand is great, and the opportunity to get a long term renter in your property until the tourists return, is very much an option.

Estepona is still an excellent opportunity.  It is still being invested in, the new hospital is now open, and there are still many projects that are not just going ahead but are being brought forward.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to see what opportunities we have on offer at the moment, we would love to speak to you.  Call Cherry on 0034 659 483 644 or email